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Thread: Mbot slow when attacking ( warlock )

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    Angry Mbot slow when attacking ( warlock )


    i have A MAJOR Delay when it comes to WARLOCK , i have my own EU party and every character seemed to be attacking fine , except the warlock its takes quite a while to cast a debuff or a attacking and when it does it stops for like 10 minutes ( MAJOR DELAY) i don't know whats wrong i believe I've configured mbot correctly as it should be , and sometimes it goes out of range

    here's my attack skills

    -physical raze
    -medical raze
    -decayed (max3)
    -toxin ( max2)
    -wrath daze
    -combat raze
    -courage raze
    -deep slumber
    -blood flower
    -vampire touch
    -vampire kiss

    NOTE !!
    i do not use devil spirit nor barzerker nor Mcondition nor it says invited target
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    seriously 12 viewers not a single reply :@ cmon ppl please tell me how to fix my problem

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    does this happen only after one specific skill or randomly?
    where is your trainplace?
    did you try to remove single skills from your list and check if the problem persists?
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    mbot dont work with warlock. I m using **** for warlock. M-Bot doesnt solve this problem for years :S

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