Beginners Guide:

Creating an mBot account /Purchasing mBot:
To begin botting you will need to first create a botaccount and then purchase mBot.
To do so please click the following link:

Once you've completed this process you will need to download the mBot suitable for which ever Silkroad version you play.
mBot Verison Overview:
mBot Downloads:

Once you have created your mBot account you will need to start mBot, but before doing so we advise you to do the following steps first:
-Make sure you have Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) installed before running mBot:
-Allow access to mBot through your: Antvirus, Firewall, and Router.
-Also, please take the time to view our FAQ:

Let's get started:
First, create a new folder on your Desktop, and name it: "mBot"
Within that folder it's usually best to create sub folders for multiple accounts, that you want to use the bot with.
After you have created the subfolder we will use this for an example: "Subfolder 1" you will want to extract into that folder.
Once the files have been extracted right click mBot.exe and "Run as an administrator"

During loading of the bot you will be prompted to select your Silkroad folder. Direct the bot to it it it can load all necessary data.
Now that mBot has loaded you will notice there are multiple "Tabs" at the top.
These are the mBot navigation tabs for configuring mBot.
So, you should currently be on the "Client/Login" Tab. At the top left you will notice your Login and Password fields go ahead and fill them out. Be sure to check the box that says, "Save login details and autologin on startup. (This will save you a lot of time not having to re-enter your botaccount every time you start the bot.)
After you have completed that task click "Login."

Below that you will see the Client Control field.
Some Silkroad versions have different "Divisions" This is like two servers as one with multiple servers within them. So if you are playing a Silkroad version that requires this feature such as, Csro you will want to select a Division. If your Silkroad version doesn't require this feature just leave it as the default setting.
Please, please, please: Press "Save Settings" located on the bottom right after you have finished the Client/Login tab settings. Infact, click "Save Settings" after every tab it will just make your life so much easier!

Now for the Basics:

Click the "Loop" Tab.
On the left side you will see a list of drop down boxes.
These are for telling mBot what to purchase from the NPCs. You have your basic (Hp, Mp, Return Scrolls, etc...)
To enable these fields check the "Buy" box on the left of them and input the amount of potions/items you wish mBot to purchase. So, if you want 200Hp potions type 200 in the blank text field.
If you are playing Silkroad-R and wish to use the Token System be sure to check the box below that says, "Get from free potion supplier"
After you are done click: "Save Settings"

We will return to this page in a few minutes to setup the Walkscript, but first lets knock out the Skill Setup while you're in town so you don't get mauled by mobs in your training area.

Click: "Fight Tab.
To see your current skills in game you will have to click: "Refresh Skills" In the left box you will see a list of all your Attack/Buff skills. Simple select the skill you wish to use and click the ">>" button to move it to the proper skill box located on the right.
You can even adjust the skills by selecting a skill and clicking the Up and Down button.
You also may select different skills depending on which monster type the bot attacks (normal, champion, giant, ...). However if you do not put any skills for a certain monstertype, the bot will just use the skills for "General" monster.
Once you are done click: "Save Settings"

Let's navigate back to the "Loop" Tab and create our Walkscript.
You will see a field in the top right that says, "Record Script" this is where you will create the walking area from point A to point B and start your training.
So, let's use a return scroll to return to the respawn point in town.
From this point don't move until you have clicked: "Start Record"; now simply click on the ground in front of you short distances avoiding obstacles until you reach your training area.
Once you are done go back to the mBot window, and click: "Stop Recording and "Save Record".
From there click the "Area" Tab and where it says, "Walkscript" click the: "..." button and navigate to where you saved the script and press "OK".
Adjust your range (This is how far your character will walk within the training area.) to what ever is suitable for you.

Now you are ready to "Start training".
There are many more configuration options for the bot. This guide only allows you for a quickstart into botting.
More detailed information is availabe here: Complete Guide

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