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Thread: Valentine Silkroad

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    Valentine Silkroad

    Hi Botter Heaven Community

    I want to Share a Project with you, hope you enjoy it !

    Here we go :

    Server Informations about Server [Valentine] Cap 110 Both Races and Server [Heaven] Cap 90 China only
    I want to introduce the Server to all Member of Botter Heaven

    Good location no lags!(Server Hostet in Germany)

    A few avatars in Item Mall
    Pet skills added for attackpets Only (fire,cold,lightning)
    LvL 75/90 Mounts availible on npc
    Potion stack changed from 50 to 100
    Elixir stack changed from 1 to5

    Many Events, fast support!

    110CAP Server Valentine
    Level Cap: 110
    Exp rates: x75
    SP rates: x75
    Drop rates: x25
    Gold rate: x60
    Server Slots: 2000

    90CAP Server Heaven
    Level Cap: 90
    Exp rates: x65
    SP rates: x65
    Drop rates: x35
    Gold rate: x25
    Server Slots: 1500

    Hope to see you on our Server

    a Valentine Member

    PS: Mbot works very good on Valentine Sro

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