This feature is available beginning from build 1456.

mBot usually chooses the correct mode for game-translation depending on what language you chose in the bot and what version of Silkroad you are playing.

  • If your chosen language in mBot's interface is the same as the native language of the game, mBot will not translate the game
  • In any other case mBot will translate the game to English.
    This will only work with Media.pk2 files that are not modified in regard to the language files.

If you do not see any text or only see "0" text in the game when logged in through mBot, you can force a specific translation to be chosen by the bot.
  1. Close your bot
  2. Open "config.ini" file in your mBot folder
  3. Look for:
    The number behind "lang" determines the translation that the bot will choose.
  4. Choose a new translation by entering a different number
  5. Save and close "config.ini"
  6. Open bot again

Please note:
The number required to enter will vary depending on what language you want to display and what version of the game your are playing.

vSRO based private servers usually require "lang=9".