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Thread: [Warning] Regarding mBot Virus

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    Exclamation [Warning] Regarding mBot Virus

    This is a warning regarding the detection of mBot as a virus.
    Be warned that opening a new Thread regarding this issue will be punished with an Infraction.

    1 Infraction = 1 Point

    Read this thread carefully to avoid any kind of problems.
    As many of you know mBot sometimes is detected as a Virus by a few Antivirus tools.
    This can cause mBot to run buggy because the AV tools are preventing mBot from running correctly.
    To avoid this kind of bugs you either uninstall or turn off your AV tool or add mBot into the ignore list of your AV tool.
    The virus detections of mBot are 100% false positives.
    As long as you download mBot from the official download link there is nothing to worry about.


    These are the normal scan results of the mBot files.
    Please note that scan results can differ due to other mBot versions.

    Scan: View scan
    File name:
    Submission date : 2011-04-18 09:21:42 (UTC)
    Current status : analysing finished
    Result : 9/41 (22.0%)
    Scan: View scan
    File name: mBot_iSRO.exe
    Submission date: 2011-04-18 09:04:34 (UTC)
    Current status: analysing finished
    Result: 8/40 (20.0%)
    Scan: View scan
    File name: isilk.dll
    Submission date: 2011-04-18 09:03:26 (UTC)
    Current status: analysing finished
    Result: 0/41 (0.0%)
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