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Thread: [Tutorial] Catapults and Rams - How to get them?

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    Exclamation [Tutorial] Catapults and Rams - How to get them?

    For first: I found this like i think everyone but give here because after when everyone forgot about this can check on forum.

    Copy from

    1- Be a Guild master (not sure if works with all the guild permissions too)
    2- Have enough GP's for spend in your guild (not too much)
    3- Gold

    Let's start.
    1st: Go to the Hotan Guild Manager Musai and purcharse at least 10 of each element on the Guild store (I just tested the purcharse of them as a Guild Master)

    2nd: Go to Jangan/Hotan Fortress Administrator and purcharse the 2 lasts scrolls (Ram Summon Scroll Recipe and Catapult Summon Scroll Recipe). Then use them with a right click on your inventory.

    3rd: Open the Craft window. Go to the Siege tab and choose one of the two recipes. Then add the crafting materials you just have purcharsed on the Craft window:

    4th: Press craft. You can make up to 1 scroll of each COS every 3 hours. Catapults and Rams can only be summoned during Fortress War, inside the Fortress War. That's all ^^

    Posted originally on Silkroad Secrets. Lazy to remove the watermark XD

    Posted by: Synx

    From me i want added little problem because idk on what lvl you can opened scrolls from Point 2nd.
    If someone know writing and i added
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