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Thread: [Info] mBot- Disconnect Issue

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    Exclamation [Info] mBot- Disconnect Issue

    To see the pictures that are attached in this guide you will have to register here or login to your mBot Forum account.


    Recently a few users are experiencing many disconnect issues with mBot.
    The first thing you should know is that Disconnects are most likely an issue of bad internet connection or a bad connection to/from iSRO Servers.
    So to the many of you who say that mBot didn't had any disconnect issues before the date XX.YY.ZZZZ it means that mBot is not the issue.
    The only thing you could do to decrease the disconnects is to choose an other login server.


    Do not open a new thread concerning the disconnect issue of mBot because it is not an issue caused by mBot!
    If you want some help with the disconnect issue try to contact JOYMAX, it's their servers that are causing the disconnects, not mBot!
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