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Thread: Suggestion Overview - Read before you open new thread!

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    Exclamation Suggestion Overview - Read before you open new thread!

    This section is intended to collect all suggestions for mBot.
    This thread gives you an overview about all suggestions.

    Take a look into the list before you post a new thread about a new suggestion.
    We will update this list if new suggestions are posted or any suggestion is added to the bot.
    If there is a suggestion its allready added to bot, but its still on any list, please pm me or any other Mod/Admin.

    Will probably not be implemented:

    • Automatic Update
    • Multi-Ip (generator)
    • Clientless for iSRO
    • Disconnect counter
    • Auto Notice Translate
    • Hotkey for start / stop training
    • Mob-radar
    • Walkback to town if no scrolls
    • mBot Skins
    • Enter web-security code
    • Autorespond to PM
    • Stall Tab
    • Exp/Sp Estimations
    • Town script from a file such as the walkscripts
    • Use MP/HP in grab pet
    • Buy and store mp and hp in grab pet inventory
    • Use globals through the chat in the bot
    • Again Full Loader
    • Auto Alchemy
    • Stop gold ticket during walkback
    • Stop training / LogOff when back town
    • Shutdown computer when DC
    • Flagship support

    Taken into consideration:

    • Use repair hammer
    • Auto Stat points distribution for full STR or INT
    • More detailed 'when to store' options
    • Use special scrolls (HP, MP, Trigger, ...)
    • Stop botting when being attacked by other player
    • KS on / off
    • Different pages for the log
    • NoDC during login
    • Even more detailed statistics
    • Party matching
    • When char doesn't have enough mp it will use a normal attack
    • Back town when < X Recovery Kits
    • Back to town when universal pills < [X]
    • Mob Hp/info indication such as Peaons Lvl 54 hp/hp
    • When you die the bot can res in place with res scroll
    • Set two fighting areas, and that the bot will switch between areas at user defined time intervals
    • On walk back when attacked by more then 2 monsters attack back
    • synchronise zerks w/ party members to make the (red zerks) for additional buff.
    • stall-tool setup stalls for elixir etc..
    • Autowalk (obstacle detection)
    • remove Names from List by press "Del"
    • Defend PT member list

    Not yet decided - Updatelist for DoaD:

    • Option for Log
    • Show a Message if you got new Message ingame
    • More Skills for Healing (If HP < XX %)
    • Show/Hide Button at every Tab (under Start/Stop Training)
    • Revive pet during training
    • Ress PT member During Walkback
    • Back to town if pet died
    • Stop bot if x% exp is lost within a x period of time
    • Stop bot if died x amount of times in a certain period of time
    • Emergency skills
    • Automatic choosing login server
    • Raise priority of operations by the user (maybe checkbox under extra/extra2 tab)
    • Auto ban from pt when conditions are met (time expired/lvl reached/...)
    • Store to GuildStorage
    • Add walkpoints to existing script option (Append/Extend)
    • Command line to summon / unsommon the fight pet (in script)
    • Warlock support: change target after 2 dots
    • Mconditionals change script file if condition's met
    • Ride fellow to trainplace.
    • Use skill X when mob hpxx%
    • Auto tranfser fellow sp to char when full.
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