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    Exclamation Connect through proxy

    You can connect to Silkroad Servers via a Socks-Proxy to hide your real IP address.
    This can be used e.g. to circumvent the IP limit applied by JoyMax.

    To use this feature you need to have the address of a working proxy.
    You can find proxies through Google:

    When you found a working proxy you can enter its address into the field provided in mBot.
    You can either enter the host-name ("") or an IP-address ("").
    You also need to enter the port under which the proxy is reachable.
    Usually this is "1080" but different proxies may use different ports.

    A Socks 5 proxy may require you to identify yourself towards the proxy (e.g. if you are using a paid proxy service).
    To login to the proxy please select "Authentificate to proxy" and enter your proxy-username and proxy-password into the provided fields.
    If you don't need to login to the proxy (regardless if it's a Socks 4 or Socks 5 proxy), please deselect this option.

    After you filled in your proxy information, press "Save Settings".

    When you now click "Start Client" it will connect to the Silkroad Servers through the proxy server you have set up.

    Please note, that when using an untrusted proxy your account security may be compromised.
    The owner of the proxy may have special software in place to decrypt your communication with the Silkroad servers.
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