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    Botaccount / Buy mBot

    • PayPal
      After your payment is completed your account will usually become active instantly.
      In some cases it may take up to two hours for PayPal to send the payment confirmation to our processing system.

      If your account has not been activated at least two hours after your payment was successfully completed, please contact me via PM.
      Please include your PayPal eMail address and the PayPal TransactionId.

    • Paymentwall
      There are different forms of payment available through paymentwall.
      Depending on which method you choose, your account will be activated instantly (e.g. paying with prepaid cards) or it may take up to several days (e.g. bank transfer). As soon as Paymentwall confirms your payment, your account will be activated automatically.
      If you believe your payment was not processed properly, please contact Paymentwall directly either by clicking "Missing mBot" in the Paymentwall popup, or by sending an eMail to

    By purchasing a license of mBot you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted our Terms of Service as well as the overview of where you can use mBot.

    New to mBot? Check out the Guide

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