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    Terms of Service

    • Botter's Heaven provides users with software. When purchasing, not the software itself is subject of the transaction, but a license to use the selected software for a certain amount of time.
    • Botter's Heaven software comes as is. Due to the nature of the software bugs and/or downtime have to be expected.
      If major bugs or downtime occured, compensation may be given out depending on our decision.
    • There is no guarantee how long Botter's Heaven software will work or how long we will keep developing it.
    • Due to the nature of our products refunds will not be granted
    • Chargebacks and attempts to do so will be banned without warning
    • Botter's Heaven software may only be used with a valid license which can be purchased here:

    Addition for MMORPGs:
    1. Certain MMO official might have explicit regulations against using add-on programs. When using Botter's Heaven software, you might be violating certain regulations of the MMO officials. Therefore, you are using this software at your own risk and Botter's Heaven is not responsible for any consequences caused by using or distributing this software.
    2. The MMO official may modify their games to prevent the usage of Botter's Heaven tools; Botter's Heaven shall do its best to push the development and to keep the program up-to-date with the game upgrade. However, Botter's Heaven does not promise continual success.
    3. Botter's Heaven does not provide any technical support on hacking or programming. Users take full responsibility for using this program.
    4. Botter's Heaven tools are made for fun by a small group of developers and due to the nature of the software bugs may occur. Botter's Heaven shall do its best to provide an as stable as possible service but there is no guarantee that service is available.

    Any of the terms above may be subject to change without further notice.
    It is the user's responsibility to be aware of the latest version of our terms of use.

    All the terms above are considered unconditionally accepted when you download and / or buy and / or use the software we provide.
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