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Thread: cashU & Ukash Payments

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    Exclamation cashU & Ukash Payments

    In order to make mBot available for more users from different regions a new payment method has arrived.
    With cashU you can easily purchase a subscription for mBot without the need for a creditcard or a bank account.

    For more information please refer to the official cashU homepage:

    Your cashU account can also be charged with Ukash vouchers (among other possibilities).
    These vouchers are available in several countries making cashU an option for even more users.
    To purchase a subscription with a Ukash voucher you need to purchase the voucher at a local reseller first.
    Then you login to your cashU account and charge the Ukash voucher onto your cashU account.
    Now you are able to pay with your cashU account.

    For more information about Ukash please refer to the official Ukash homepage:

    Please also regard cashU's FAQ about how to charge your Ukash voucher in detail:

    Have fun & happy botting
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