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Thread: Why don't do Free Softwares and Open Source ?

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    Why don't do Free Softwares and Open Source ?

    I think we got that game silkroad , its imposible to play it always with the hand so here i saw a free bot to up without problems. So i propouse to keep that software free or incluse keep it as open source to more people can modify and make it more good to the other people can use it.

    Richard stallman , the owner from the GNU project talked about that things i think will be nice to listen that guy here i'll give a link: ... re=related ... re=related

    BB , give opinions here.

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    Re: Why don't do Free Softwares and Open Source ?

    as soon as the bot is more or less bug free, it will definitely NOT be "free to use" anymore.
    you cannot ask something like that. you can ask shiva from **** too. i dont think, he would do that either.
    to program a bot is very much work and it should be clear to anybody, that this much work should be paid.


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