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Thread: I cannot login Mbot

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    Unhappy I cannot login Mbot

    _ I say that, my computer are all clear , not 3rd software running, Not Anti virus, not firewall
    _ I've already created account bot with paypal (1 month)
    Cannot loggin---> push loggin button, nothing happen ("Error while initializing network interface WSA 0 at step 7")
    _ I test on 3 SRO : Lsro, OldLegen Silkroad anh Kunx Silkroad...
    nothing happen
    Help me pls! Thanks

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    this error message means that mbot was not able to correctly connect to the internet.
    please make sure that are no other programs that interfere with mbot in any way (e.g. firewall, antivirus, invasive proxy software, ...).
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    push cliff, ptr [finger]
    jmp long

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