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Thread: mBot window is closing automatically

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    mBot window is closing automatically

    Problem Summary
    If I have more than one mBot active, all but one client are automatically closed after a while. There are no notifications or anything informative, this is why I am writing here.

    Exact Steps to Reproduce Problem
    1. I start 2 bots.
    2. I go AFK.
    3. I come back after an hour.
    4. I see that only one bot window is open, the other one has closed. (Not disconnected, not Silkroad closed, but the mBot window itself is closed!)

    System Information
    Windows 10
    mBot v1.25 (private SRO - vSRO 110)
    (I downloaded mBot 2 days ago after paying)

    It does not seem to be the SRO private server issue, because botting with multiple clients works, but the bot itself closes after a while.
    Sometimes the bot of one character closes, sometime the other, it seems random. But the core issue is the same: only one will remain open after a while.
    Ever seen an issue like this? What can I do to try to debug/fix it? Are there any error logs somewhere? ...

    Thanks in advance!

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    mBot should not silently close itself.
    if this were a bug in the bot itself there should be a crash report window.

    do you use any additional tools to manage your bots?
    which antivirus or system security software do you use?
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