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Thread: Free mBot Controller Tool!!

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    Free mBot Controller Tool!!

    Hello everyone, I have created a good tool to control many mBots at one time.
    This tool should work for any version of mBot, iSRO, SRO-R, private SRO, etc.
    With this tool, you can control your party all at one time.
    Note: This is NOT an official tool by DoaD, this is something that I have created.

    Here is an example of it being used:

    Download here --> <--

    If you have any questions, please ask in this thread and I will answer them quickly.
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    Hi, I have downloaded the file but not run botcontroller.exe. It is informed: "botcontroller is out of date! please update". How do i do now?

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    You must update to the new version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandsnip3r View Post
    You must update to the new version.
    But when I press "yes" to update new version, it show me the path to update then I download it, it does not working

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    Make sure you open the newly downloaded version, not the old version.

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    Yes, i download the newly:
    Application (.EXE)
    File size: 570.5 KB
    Uploaded: 2014-04-30 21:18:42"
    and run it. But still the same (
    Help me!

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    I've changed something, try again

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    I've run the program but could not use it. Because I use the laptop without numpad

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    It's work by press Fn. Thanks alot!

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    Hi, when i start program it is starting but couldnt see bots in bot section. Here is the screenshoot.

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