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Thread: Cant Login into my Bot Account

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    Cant Login into my Bot Account

    Hey there,

    yesterday my bot went from "Successfully logged in" to "Not logged in" while playing.
    Altough my Subscription is valid for at least another 3 weeks.

    Since I went to bed anyways I tried it with PC and router restart this morning.
    Both methods did not help.

    The Bot Log sends this message everytime I press the Log In button.
    [10:35:52] Unknown error on server
    [10:35:53] 222

    Anyone got any news on that ?

    Btw. Bot Version v1.25

    Best Regards,
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    sorry for the problem.
    i am currently working on this.

    please continue the thread here:
    Downloads - Buy mBot - mBot Guide - FAQ

    push cliff, ptr [finger]
    jmp long

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