I run 2 other clients at the same time and they have no problem whatsoever.
This one, however always gets stuck on the same thing:
[16:06:09] Found character "Dreamer"
[16:06:13] Europe
[16:06:15] Pet slots: 28
[16:06:15] Pickpet spawned
[16:06:15] Pet slots: 112
[16:06:22] Loaded settings
[16:06:24] Start training
[16:06:24] Townthread started...
[16:06:29] Starting shopping...

If I go to the trainplace and start it, it starts atacking as per usual, but when he dies and goes back to Alex North, he gets stuck on Starting shopping... forever
Also, as seen in the copypasta above, when I log in and click Start training, that happens.

Thank you