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Thread: mConditionals script to use repair hammer?

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    Question mConditionals script to use repair hammer?


    is there a way to make a script for mConditionals to use the repair hammer when eq broken >=1?
    I know there is the repeatuseitem function, but i'm using it for hit scrolls...

    will for instance this work in a text file?



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    you can only have one "repeat use item" active at the same time.
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    thanks DoaD, but that was not my question

    i've allready figured that one out by trying two item id's separated by coma and repeating the whole repeatuseitem several times in the config.

    the question was is there a command for use of item in scripts, as it is with skills?

    for skill you just write
    and the script works

    it would really help to use mConditionals for all item based buffs, you would just set up
    if certain buff not active "hit scroll" then launch script and in the script you would have item,"itemid".

    without it it makes the mConditionals somwhat useless, cause You covered all other needed options in the program itself
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