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Thread: mBot Doesn't Start the SRO.

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    mBot Doesn't Start the SRO.

    So my problem is that the mBot doesn't successfully load sro_client.I can see on task manager that it runs it till one point and then it closes it down.My screen flickers like it's trying to start the client,but then it closes it down.
    I have done everything in the guide.
    Successfully logged on.
    i tried Disabling data execution prevention.
    I've followed the quick guide and the long one to be sure that I have done everything right.
    The server that i am trying to bot is silkroad-europe.
    I have downloaded the mBot_vSRO_1.24 .
    I am running windows 7,with GTX 650 TI,i5-3350P CPU@ 3.10 GHz with 16gb RAM.
    The log on mbot is like this :
    [03:16:21] Loaded 16823 objects
    [03:16:21] Loaded 13733 items
    [03:16:21] Loaded 9519 skills
    [03:16:31] Starting "C:\Games\SilkroadEurope\sro_client.exe /22 0 0"
    [03:18:29] Starting "C:\Games\SilkroadEurope\sro_client.exe /22 0 0"
    [03:18:55] Starting "C:\Games\SilkroadEurope\sro_client.exe /22 0 0"
    Hopefully we can fix it fast.
    PS: I do not have an anti-virus and firewall is disabled.
    PS2: Found what it was wrong and it was d3d9.dll from silkroad folder.Delete it and it should be fine
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