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Thread: [pSRO] Little suggestion

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    [pSRO] Little suggestion


    I wanted to suggest a few little things to upgrade mBot.

    1: Pause mBot and transfer items from pet to inventory on spot when pet is full (we can use (pick char when pet full but that takes more time)

    2: some kind of obstacle detector on map - like in that big circle on Niya Generals bot gets stuck alot on walls/that house in the middle.

    3: Make bot pick the closest monster in range, instead of random algoritm over the detectable range. On mentioned spot and i believe others as well it causes confusion to the bot and it gets stuck into a wall or something and does nothing.

    4: Change townloop a bit that it starts from selling items instead of storing them first. It's because if the pet is full and char inv is full but the char doesnt pick anything that is set to store then it will store nothing, then continue townloop, then sell and go back to spot being half full too.

    5: Range indicator on minimap

    6: Ability to setup 4 area coordinates, indicating rectangle of range bot hunts between them. Like rectangle area instead of just circle
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