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Thread: any bot for isro?

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    any bot for isro?

    have any bot free for isro ? if have pls give me a link to download it and guide. thanks

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    mbot for isro is not available at the moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DoaD View Post
    mbot for isro is not available at the moment.
    when he will be available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohad1323 View Post
    when he will be available?
    Please use search before posting. It was said already that because of the technical issues with new isro gameguard, mbot for that version will not be available until further notice. Unless you know, when joymax will change the gameguard software?
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    any one can speack for me when the mbot for isro come back? i need it. thx

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    Thanks for the info
    viva9988 holiday

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