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Thread: how to make that bot wont and would use specific buffs for specific mobs.

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    how to make that bot wont and would use specific buffs for specific mobs.

    Hey, so basically as i got my all skills just in general buffs aswell and like while im Wizard is it possible like that when its general mobs that it would use life control but when it comes to giant that the life control would take off so i wouldnt die as i dont have good set yet .. is it possible?

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    Tab <Extra 2> -> mConditionals:

    When "Monster of certain type count >=" "1" "Giant"
    then "Cancel certain buff" "Life Turnover"

    Also, you need another setting for Giants to use all wanted buffs there, except the Life turnover.

    This is one option, but it have 2 problems:
    1) if you are already in fight with the Giant, mBot donīt check this condition until the fight is over
    2) If the Giant is in range, but you fight another mob, the general buff setting works against the mConditional. To avoid this, you need to fight Giants with a higher priority, which force the danger, that the mConditional fails, because you are already in fight with the Giant and problem 1 take effect.

    Another option would be to define another set of buffs for Giants, which excludes the Life turnover, but add another buff, which need a weapon switch. The clerics Bless spell maybe, a Group ress, a Mana cycle or similar. Something, which gets fast casted and have an average cool down (long enough to not slow down too much and short enough to can get casted after the giant kill again, if needed).

    Both solutions are not perfect, but give it a chance - maybe it works well for you.
    It is not needed to set the fight skills for Giants too, unless, you want to use different skills (a Trap skill with weapon swith maybe, instead of a buff with weapon switch).
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