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    Bards Dance


    my bards dont do dances and mana orbit, i add it to partybuffs. But nothing happens, so what can be the problem?

    Thank you


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    sometimes the tambours bug on the server and you cannot cast dance.
    if this happens there will be messages in the game about this problem.
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    I prefer the conditioned dance to prevent to get stuck.

    Letīs say, i cast by myself a guard tambour as buff, which means, i should not dance to a guard tambour (my own music).
    Now, i set a condition like
    -> If skill clout march is active, cast skill dance of wizardry.
    -> If skill Mana Tambour is active, cast dance of fight.

    In this way, the dance get only started, if a tambour (from another bard) got seen.

    There is only 1 big problem, if the dancer is also fighting (with harp of course): In long fights (party giants, uniques), if the bard donīt change the target, the conditions get not tested and the dance get not started until the fight is over. Even with target change, the dance by condition often fails, but is works fine in fast fights with much target changes.

    If the dancer is a buffer only, this solution works fine. Tambour as buff, dance as condition.
    Well, sometimes, a running tambour get not seen until it get recasted. If this bard uses a bot too, you can try to use some weaponswitches too - maybe a cleric bless spell (if the buffer is a cleric/bard) or a reflect buff, if the buffer is a warlock/bard, or something else. In this way, you can force a recast of the tambour periodically. Maybe, you have some more ideas about it, but i hope, you got the point of it.
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