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Thread: Hard Problem!

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    Hard Problem!

    Hello. I want to express dissatisfaction . On the third day , a very bad job MBot. It is expressed in constant reconnection . And recently, the problems started with the section " Loot . " As the animal to collect all the garbage ( arrows, bottles, etc.) . Recent work on the servers did not fix the problem ..
    Please , deal with this problem as quickly as possible .

    P.S This is not a problem of my settings . Bots worked for months in normal mode

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    The Disconnect errors are caused by the game server itself. All servers are having this issue even without the bot. The loot issues you are facing are because you did not setup the bot properly.

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    As I said , the problem is not to set up. I had long been using a bot , I have experience .

    setting pet - no results .

    Pickup Settings - no results .

    What could happen ?

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    it is possible that another member of your group picked this item and it was automatically distributed to your character by the sro game servers.
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    I also thought about this . But all settings are normal. I will try to reinstall Botha and clean folder settings .

    Report the results .

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    I am also having this problem with the pick pet.
    Regardless of the Mbot settings, my pick pet is collecting "all of the garbage".

    And I have to add - my fight pet (wolf) is no longer healing.

    Both pets were working just fine until recently.

    I am curious if installing Mbot into anew folder helps - common GoldIgrok report back!

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    Hello. A recent fix bugs from the administration decided problem. Thanks for the help

    "[Patch List]
    - Improve Client DC.
    - C38 Bug Fix

    Thank you."

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