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Thread: adding an extra command

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    adding an extra command

    Hi. I would like to suggest adding an extra command, which would teleport a char at certain ports, for example from droa dock to eu territory. It would be really nice and useful in psro. My idea would be that since on most of the ports u got 2-3 options about where to and you would command the char to use the first one. Eg.: cmd tp 1.
    Thanks in advance

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    teleport commands are already supported in mbot's scripts.
    when recording a script and using a teleporter the command is automatically added.
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    push cliff, ptr [finger]
    jmp long

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    I did not mean that kind of teleport. Lets say couple of chars are following you by the cmd trace command. You approach a certain teleport and you want them to teleport to a certain place, ofc usually docks give more option but you want 1 specified one. Would be useful for sure.

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    char to use the first one. Eg.: cmd tp 1.

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