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Thread: Unable to do auto alchemy

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    Unable to do auto alchemy

    It can detect the blue as well as the items +

    but when i add the desire result and press auto alchemy, nothing happens

    I'm playing private server " DemonSRO"

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    what bot version do you use?

    what message is shwon in the log / alchemy log?
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    I got an idea about not starting auto alchemy without message:

    The bot must be stopped in order to be able to fuse. As long as the bot is fighting/buffing (training is started), the bot donīt start the alchemy. And as long as the alchemy is running, the bot donīt use skills (blocked actions), even if casted by hand.

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    I have the same problem. I click auto start auto alchemy and the program freezes (not responding).

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