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    maybe some of my friends are thinking like me. I just wanna give an idea about the write the scripts. We are all day in front of the computer and its killing me to write the script. Maybe you can chage it. For example when we come to training place and and when we start the bot my char can go to town for shopping and come back without script. If its possible can you help us please.

    Thank you.

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    is it not good idea?

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    Currently the only feature available is a recorded walkscript. Mbot does not support an auto walkscript for your account protection. If players were to consistently walk down the same path it would be a red flag to the game developers which would result in either account termination, or the use of protectors which kill bots that walk along it's path.
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    yeah, sure, and 500 bots walking the exact same path in town is not suspicious at all

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