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    Alchemy Tab

    Alchemy Tab

    mBot auto alchemy will help you to upgrade your equipment.

    Please keep in mind that the normal rules of the Silkroad server alchemy still apply.
    The alchemy process can still fail and result in destruction of your item and / or reduced durability among other undesireable outcomes.

    mBot will continue to do auto alchemy until your item's values are either on the desired level or better.
    mBot will always use lucky powder when attempting to enhance the "Plus" value of your item.
    If the alchemy material for an attribute runs out before the desired value is achieved, mBot will ignore this value and continue with the next attribute.

    The bot will accept a rounding error of up to 2% for white attributes (build 2160+).

    You can change the maximum plus value displayed in desired stats: see here.

    1. Select an item for auto alchemy at the top of the "Alchemy" page
    2. See your current item values on the left side
    3. Choose your desired item values on the right side.
      Add newly desired blue values by selecting the in them dropdown box and pressing the "+" button.
      Remove undesired blue values by selecting the value in the list in the right side and pressing the "-" button.
    4. Select your settings regarding lucky, astral, immortal and steady stones
    5. Make sure you have sufficient alchemy materials in your inventory
    6. Press "Start auto alchemy"
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