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Thread: Free mBot Controller Tool!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by khocthamboy View Post
    Does anyone teach me how to use?
    The mBot controller tool is pretty much self-explanatory. Just use "cmd trace" on the party chat if you want your bots to follow your lead char when moving around.

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    I need one video instructions on how to install and use???

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    I changed language, now its other problem, what we need to do with Bot Settings?
    It doesnt work for me atm. Your tool see my bots but it doesnt work.
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    i have an error win32 application what's that? iam windwos xp

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    google the error xD haha

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    I have the same eror "not a valid win32 application" so it isnt just working on xp or file got corupt?

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    it doesnt work it dont see ant mbot isro

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    i know this is a stupid question seeing as you wouldnt answer me if that was you goal.. but is there a possibility that this program puts me in danger of being hacked? :P just dont wanna risk anything peace!

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    i know this is a stupid question :
    but the mbot control work for mbot pserver ?

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