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Thread: <<NEW & HOT>> mBot-Manager by flownzu [Read]

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    <<NEW & HOT>> mBot-Manager by flownzu [Read]

    Hello guys,
    today, I'm here to inform you all about the mBot-Manager.
    My friend, flownzu, released it finally after much much work and after much tests. The idea came from the feeling of needing a good program to manage the gold-parties working on mBot.
    This tool is simply excellent and it will make your life easier, especially if you are a big goldbotter on your server. I run on rSro 5 goldbot parties, to enjoy the game without gold problems and to gain some selling cheap gold...
    Before it took me so much time checking the mbots 1 by 1, and when flownzu told me about his tool, I was skeptical, because it was in an embryonic stage.
    Now, after many ideas, time, work and tests, it manage my parties better than I was able to do...
    The mBot-Manager will tell you:
    - chars with full storage
    - drops
    - gold gained totally / daily
    - chars stats
    - WHY characters goes back in town (it makes a 'backintown.txt' document in the same folder of manager)
    and if you want, you can upload them using an ftp connection.
    The manager, well-configured, will start chars from a startup-list when you open it, and close them when you close the manager (just if you want to do)
    It will manage the chars in your Charlist using groups. This way, you will be able to immediatelly open/close a specific group or a single char.
    It will check your chars working properly and it will solve the problems using the error management, such as you would like to do manually! (e.g "cannot set clientless state" on mbot log. you would manually press 'start client' to make it working again... manager does it for you!)

    And the most amazing thing, imho, is the 'Item searcher'...
    well guys, you will find it amazing too, i'm sure!
    You can write the name of an item, and the manager will check all your mbots to see if it's in any inventory/storage/avatar...
    (perfect to check things e.g return scroll... who uses many gb can surely understand me )

    Everything else you need to know, can be found here: mBot Manager by flownzu - Home

    virustotal :
    Only results are 2/45:
    PCTools " HeurEngine.ZeroDayThreat"
    McAfee-GW-Edition "Heuristic.BehavesLike.Win32.Suspicious-BAY.G"
    ...fake ones...

    Well guys, you MUST try it now, because at the moment it's in Free Beta Version!
    Here you can see details to log in the manager: mBot Manager by flownzu - Kunena - Topic: mBot Manager (Test) - Free Beta Version! (1/1)

    After that, flownzu will decide how to release it, probably with a free and a paid cheap version, just to rejoice in its efforts! (I could do a spoiler on future price, but probably it would not be fair to him... I just tell you guys that its price will be so so so low and fair )

    PLEASE, it's a Free Beta Version, released to make it better. So, please, REPORT bugs and suggestions!!

    PS: Writing here because now it's free, soon it will be paid. If I'm wrong pls just delete, and I'm sorry..

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    this work at Tsro?

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    Try it and let me know

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    not for Tsro xD

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