View Full Version : Autoluring

08-18-2009, 09:08
When recording a script for autoluring in mBot every click on the floor will be saved as one coordinate in your future lurescript.

You can manually add "wait"-commands to your luringscripts to make mBot wait the specified amount of milliseconds.
For example this line will make mBot wait for five seconds.
During this time mBot will regularly check if it needs to recast buffs for party members and in case will do so.

wait,5000Currently only skills, that do not require a target to be selected, can be used with lurescripts.

To prevent damage to your account I strongly advise you not to insert anything manually into the lurescript except from the "wait" command.

If you want to use autoluring make sure you do you do not have "Walkback to center" or "Trace" activated.