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03-04-2011, 21:22
Well guys i have a kind of problem here... i dont know how to make the script for the auto quest, can someone help me?

what i should do? i have to make the normal script to train area, and another script for quest?

Please help =(

My Bot version is V1.28 (iSro)

DoaD please answer me back

03-05-2011, 15:44
teleport to the town make script and take the quest when you take the quest stop the script that it's the "QUEST SCRIPT" and after that make another script that will be "WalkScript"

03-05-2011, 19:38
ok but when i finished the Quest Script i should use one Return scroll and then i make WalkScript? If you have any video or something please tell me :S! im really confused

Sagrados FTW!

03-05-2011, 20:48
No no no ...
Step 1 Use Return scroll when you appear in city go to the NPC and take the quest ...
Step 2 In the point of the "NPC" make ANOTHER script that will be the "Walkscript"
Step 3 Go to "Extra" Select the name of the quest and put the quest in "Selected Quest"
Step 4 Select the options that you want to make when he back i mean "When one SELECTED quest is finished" Teleport to town ...

When he back to town he will appear in the first point that you start YOUR questscript he will go to the NPC take the quest and after that he will do the walkscript

Remember that you should load the questscript in "Quest Script" and the walkscript in WalkScript if you dont understand go to FAQ

03-06-2011, 03:13
Okie okei bro! i have another question.. If i finish my pots or my wep durability get screwed.. The walkscript (from the npc to the spot) gonna buy all the pots and arrows?

03-06-2011, 15:32
Yes the bot will buy the pot's and repair but you should configure it to back to the town ...