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02-20-2011, 00:00

1st ,,, is mbot supporting CL ?

2nd ,,, i did read guide from Low talking about how to move ur acc if its old from phpbb forum to vb forum
i did read it all but i dont know my acc is since phpbb forum or no i just made it when this site was only for pbmc buffer and left this acc so long time ago

and yes i tried to follow that guide but as 1st step says there will be yellow notice in the top of the site then i follow the other but there is no yellow notice in the top for me ... what that supposed to mean ? oh and btw 4 days ago i reset my pw via mail cuz i wasnt able to remember it ... maybe this means i moved the acc to vb forum ? thnx again

thnx in advance <3

02-20-2011, 09:23
1st - no in iSRO, yes in rSRO
2nd - all steps are in tutorial.