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05-03-2009, 01:26
The forumaccount is the one you are using right now to browse the forums.
You can edit your forum details in the UserControlPanel (http://botters-heaven.net/usercp.php).
You need your forumaccount in order to read the forums and to be able to purchase subscriptions.

On your first visit at subsciption-management you will need to choose a botname (please choose another name than in the forums) with at least seven characters and a botpassword.
Those two make up your botaccount.
You need your botaccount in order to use Botter's Heaven tools.
Just enter your botname and botpassword into the provided fields in mBot to login to the botserver.

If you purchase a subscription it usually will be processed within a few seconds. After you return to the subscription page you should already see your active subscription.
You can "stack" subsciptions which basically means that you can purchase another subscription while the old one is running.
The additional time you bought will be added on top of the subscription time you already have.

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