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10-12-2010, 16:09
Fight Tab

Skill Setup
Back to town settings
Attack Options

01-24-2011, 05:08
Skill Setup

The 1st box located on the left is your skill list. Here you will need to click the button that says, "Refresh Skills" in order to see the list.
In the Bufflist you will add/remove all the buff you wish for your character to cast. (*Note that if your a European character Example: "Wizard/Cleric" you can add the cleric skill Recovery division etc... The bot will automatically switch weapons casting that spell then it will switch back to your main attack weapon.
In the Attacklist you will add/remove your attack skills.

Specific Mob Settings:
Info: How to setup the skills for specific mobs.

01-24-2011, 05:18
Beserk Options

Berserk Settings

This gives you a list of specific mob-types telling the bot when to use your berserk.
Select Yes, or No

01-24-2011, 05:19
Attack Options

Attack Options

Imbue selection for Chinese Characters.
Accept Resurrect
Ignore traps in Jangan cave to avoid dying from the elite-monsters that can spawn if you kill the traps
Buff during attack allows your character to recast a buff in the middle of an attack if the buffs finishes right then.
Do not attack monsters (This is for buffers/ressers, or newbies being plvld.)
Ignore Dimension Pillars: To prevent low level chars from dying because a bunch of mobs spawn from these
Rebuff all buffs when one buff is finished
Use this to make sure mBot doesnt switch twice if two skills that require weaponswitch end shorty after each other.
This helps very much for example if you need to rebuff "Recovery Division" and "Holy Spell"
Equip shield when wearing 1-handed weapon will equip a shield as soon as mBot detects that your character is weilding a 1-handed weapon.
You will find this particularly helpful if you are fighting as a warlock for example and need to rebuff bard-skills with harp. After switching back to your warlock rod mBot will then also reequip your shield.
When looking for a shield to equip, mBot will search the inventory from the top left, to the bottom right and will equip the first shield that your character can hold.