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09-17-2009, 17:08
Cannot find 'MSVCP100.dll'. Please, re-install this application.
HardwareID limit exeeded!
BSObj Plugin error
After login through bot I cannot see my character information in mBot
On how many computers can I use mBot?
Will mBot sell SoX items or Item Mall items?
How many characters can I bot with mBot at the same time?
How to setup mBot to pickup Event Items?
"Please teleport once"
mBot does not do the first part in my script where i want to do autoquest in town
Cannot connect due to server traffic (Worldserver). Need to restart client...
WSA Error:
Creating a mBot shortcut
Error during copy file
ErrCode 10048
Everything shows as "0"
Failed to retrieve key

09-17-2009, 17:17
When trying to log into the bot servers the operation fails with "HardwareID limit exeeded"

You can use mBot on two computers only.
When you try to start mBot from a third computer this message is shown.

HardwareIDs will be reset each day at 00:00 UTC.

If you cannot start mBot anymore because of this change the bot password (so anyone else that may be using your account without your knowledge cannot use it anymore) here (http://botters-heaven.net/showthread.php?40-Manage-Botaccount) and wait until it's 00:00 UTC for the automatic HardwareID reset.
If you shared mBot with someone and now cannot login anymore this is not our fault.

There will be no manual HardwareID reset.

The possibility to use mBot on two different computers is not intended to be used to share your bot with other people.
It is in fact intended to avoid problems if you change certain characteristics of your computer that affect your HardwareID.

You can still share your bot with other people but do not expect any help if you run into "HardwareID limit exeeded" problems!

08-19-2010, 16:04
What does "BSObj Plugin" error mean?

There was an update of Silkroad.

Close all mBot and SRO_Client
Goto your Silkroad folder, start "Silkroad.exe" and let the game update to the latest version
Download the updated version of mBot suitable for the updated version of Silkroad

08-23-2010, 12:23
Cannot find 'MSVCP100.dll'. Please, re-install this application.
After login through bot I cannot see my character information in mBot
When starting mBot a message tells me that the "application configuration is incorrect" or "side by side configuration is incorrect".

You have to download and install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistrubutable package: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=5555
You have to install this x86 Package even if you have a x64 operating system.

If you tried to manually add these DLLs please follow these steps before installing the new package.

Uninstall the C++ 2010 Runtime (Control Panel -> Add / Remove Programs)
Search for MSVCR100.dll and MSCRP100.dll on your system manually and delete them
Restart your computer (not always necessary)
Install the C++ 2010 Runtime from the link above

09-06-2010, 18:22
Will mBot sell SoX items or Item Mall items if I happen to make a bad setting?

mBot cannot sell any SoX items by default.
Even if you set the bot to sell SoX it will not do it.

The same applies for Item Mall items.

There is a way to allow mBot to sell SoX items (Item Mall items are not affected by this).
You can allow the bot to sell sealed items by selecting "Allow sell / unpick of SoX items" in "Items" tab.

09-10-2010, 20:31
On how many computers can I use mBot?
How many characters can I bot with mBot at the same time?

You can use mBot on two different computers.
Each computer has a unique HardwareID (HID).
It does not matter which IP Address these two computers have.
For more information about this *click me*

There is no limit on how many characters you can login / bot through mBot.

01-25-2011, 19:27
Q: How can I setup mBot to pickup event items?

A: Click on Items Tab select QuestItems in the filter select the name of the event item, or you can search each item individually using the search box.

01-25-2011, 20:36
Q: Why can't I open NPCs? It says, "Please teleport once."

A: This message appears if you open the storage after mBot opened it during townloop.

Due to synchronization considerations for the client, you will need to teleport one time to open the storage.

03-03-2011, 10:09
Q: mBot does not do the first part in my script where i want to do autoquest in town.

A: mBot "scans" your loaded script before starting to walk.
It then determines the point to which has the closest distance.
This point will be used as starting point for walking. All points and commands before this will be ignored.

To make mBot start the script at the very first point (and thus include the portion of the script where you do the autoquest) proceed as follows.
When you create the script set the first coordinate at the very same place where mBot's townloop stopped.
Then walk to your quest NPC, accepts the quest (for the quest-command to appear in the script).
Then walk to your trainplace without coming close to the spawnpoint in town where you started.

06-20-2011, 01:52
Q: "Cannot connect due to server traffic (Worldserver). Need to restart client... "

A: This is related to the Silkroad servers and how JoyMax login system works.
When trying to login to a server, your client sends the login-information to a Silkroad loginserver first.
Since there exists more than one loginserver, there also exists more than one login-queue in which players are waiting for a free spot on the server in case it is already full.

When the time has come and one spot is freed on your desired server, one player from each loginserver is told: "Hey, theres an empty spot on your server. Please connect to it now".
Now each of these clients disconnects from the loginserver and connects to the desired worldserver.

However only one of them acually can enter the worldserver whereas the other players will

be disonnected from the loginserver and thus been removed from the queue
not be able to login to the worldserver because it is already full again
receive the above mentioned message

If you were using a legit client you would be stuck now since it would not continue to try to login to the server but just sit there and wait forever.

In order for you to continue the relogging the client has to be restarted and you have to enter the login-queue again (which mBot will do for you).

12-17-2011, 20:50
"Not logged in"
"WSA Error"


[16:34:18] Error while initializing network interface
[16:34:18] WSA 10051 at step 3
[16:34:39] Error while initializing network interface
[16:34:39] WSA 10051 at step 3
[16:36:18] Error while initializing network interface
[16:36:18] WSA 10051 at step 3

All "WSA <number> at step <number>" erros are related to the bot being blocked by the firewall or for any other reason not having internet access.

12-28-2011, 02:00
How create a mBot shortcut:

First create a bot folder, and inside the bot folder create sub folders for every character.
Open one of the character folders and extract mbot.
From there you will want to "Right Click" on the mBot.exe and click "Create Shortcut."
Once the shortcut has been created "Right Click" it and go to "Properties."
You should see a directory that looks like this:


Simply add this command to the end of of that directory:

ID:yourloginhere PW:yourpasswordhere SERVER:yoursevrernumberhere

So this is what it should look like:

"C:\Users\xxxxxx\Desktop\Server\botfolder1\mBot.exe" ID:yourloginhere PW:yourpasswordhere SERVER:yoursevrernumberhere

NOTE* (As for a server list of numbers: The serverid will be shown directly ingame in the serverlisting right in front of the servername.
this will make it easier to find a specific server(id)..)

02-20-2012, 09:19
Error during copy file
Log Example:

[18:54:20] Error during copy file [2; C:\Users\XXXXXX\Downloads\Silkroad\psilk.dll; C:\Users\XXXXXX\AppData\Local\Temp\Nslk383CcgNCnr6 9.dll]

Make sure silk.dll is in the same folder as mbot.exe

03-23-2012, 18:14
ErrCode 10048
Error Box:

Error when creating LoginProxy. Configuration auto-remediation. Please restart the application
ErrCode 10048

Doad: "you copied the config from another bot folder.
this is what happens then.

after starting the bot for a second time, however, it should work again."

03-25-2012, 12:04
Failed to retrieve key: Checksum not found
this only applies to mBot (private SRO - BR)

This is related to the system how mBot loads data for your private server.

In order to resolve this, please provide me with information about your server's web presence.
Please always include the name of the server files that this server run on.

Please note that mBot (private SRO - BR) will only work on a private server that is based upon the leaked (old) BlackRogue server files.
Sending me content that origins from a server with a different fileset will not be of any help.