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  1. Csro mBot - Report mBot Bugs/Errors here:
  2. Isro mBot - Report mBot Bugs/Errors here:
  3. Rsro mBot - Report mBot Bugs/Errors here:
  5. 2 Bugs In New Version !
  6. Rsro mBot - Auto Party
  7. rsro mbot 1.1
  8. ISRO Mbot BUGS
  9. few problems with mbot 1.25
  10. delay
  11. v 1.58 bugs
  12. [CSRO, v1.58] Bot allways stops with training
  13. training stop .......pls help...
  14. Posting in this Section - Please read!
  15. Cleric ignores dead pt members(rSro Mbot 1.1)
  16. RSRO MBOT version 1.1 pet and script
  17. [iSRO] Relog after DC
  18. [rSRO] Warlock/Cleric Weapon switch
  19. [rSRO] Bug With WOLF
  20. [iSRO] v1.25- Bot gets stuck at town if it dies, and ports back to town
  21. [cSRO] Cannot connect to Login Server [-1]
  22. [iSRO] DC after buy harp lvl 42
  23. [rSRO] Walkback to center
  24. [iSRO] Auto Buff stops after death -.-
  25. [iSRO] mBot 1.25 - AUTOLOGIN Cancel
  26. [iSRO] mbot crash after login ver 1.25
  27. [iSRO] Chat colors appears in wrong order
  28. [iSRO] Strange Bug :S
  29. [iSRO] Mbot 1.25 Advance Temple
  30. BUG cave
  31. [iSRO] Autoquest doesnt work v1.26
  32. [iSRO] Party Buffing
  33. [rSRO] [RSRO] 1.1 - Wall Humping
  34. [iSRO] mBot Does NOT Sell Chinese Head Pieces (Prot)
  35. V1.26b much DC pls Help
  36. [iSRO] Wrong Version. Update Bot and Game.
  37. [DURABILITY LOW] Weapon broken and don't back to town
  38. [iSRO] Training Center Issue
  39. [iSRO] Bot Store The 2nd Weapon
  40. why don't workıng my bot
  41. well i got this problem that really starts to be annoying
  42. [iSRO] Bot stops after died.. that bug makes me crazy :@
  43. [rSRO] Bot won't pick up elixires
  44. [iSRO] [iSRO] mBot 1.25 Problem with bard Bufs
  45. [rSRO] Auto Invite / Accept Bugs V1.1
  46. problem with bot !!!!!!
  47. [iSRO] help me fast
  48. [rSRO] [rSro mBot 1.1] Weird bug with 8/8 pt!!
  49. [iSRO] Stuck in town (Constantinople)
  50. error with update in cave
  51. [iSRO] Random DCs
  52. [iSRO] What hell that bug
  53. [iSRO] Cannot login to login server!
  54. [iSRO] Error in JG Cave
  55. [iSRO] DC at Hotan
  56. [cSRO] Bot does not switch back weapons sometimes
  57. [iSRO] Devil Spirit
  58. [iSRO] again getting blue screen error
  59. [iSRO] v 1.28 bug with PT invite & Teleport to town on low MP Pots in Share Party
  60. [iSRO] damn....... server is traffic and DC>>Crash
  61. [iSRO] some bugs
  62. [iSRO] ress party members
  63. [iSRO] Doad are u gonna fix this teleporting problem or wat?
  64. [iSRO] Doad.... why switching became slow
  65. [iSRO] out of training range
  66. [iSRO] Stops Botting
  67. [iSRO] out of range problem
  68. [iSRO] Why does the bot keep giving me this error?
  69. [cSRO] Devil Spirit/Ignore monster's defence skill lead time
  70. [iSRO] DC Problem
  71. [rSRO] "Do not fallow target out of range" & "Walkback to center"
  72. [iSRO] About disconnect
  73. [iSRO] Login
  74. [iSRO] problems with bot
  75. [iSRO] isro mbot so bugy FTW 1.28
  76. [iSRO] problem for the 2nd week
  77. [iSRO] What is this error?
  78. [iSRO] not funtionality bot
  79. [iSRO] Bug connecting to WORLDSERVER
  80. [iSRO] How can i fix the dll error?
  81. [iSRO] Connecting to worldserver.. ?????????????
  82. [iSRO] Randomly uses return scroll in jang cave..?
  83. [iSRO] Relogg Error
  84. [iSRO] Connecting to world server .......
  85. [iSRO] Error for autologin, walksript then no work
  86. [iSRO] Missing item !
  87. [iSRO] auto quest bug
  88. [iSRO] ressss party bug
  89. [iSRO] mbot 1.28 bard buff problem
  90. [rSRO] Notifications Isy bug
  91. [iSRO] new V.1.29b Always dc
  92. [rSRO] Login servers Offline
  93. [iSRO] Why I can't res while I am in attacking mode
  94. [iSRO] WSA 0 at step 3
  95. [iSRO] Mbot Townthread
  96. [iSRO] auro buff
  97. [iSRO] PLz help me :(
  98. [iSRO] DC and dont reconnect
  99. [rSRO] Back to town when dead in X Min.
  100. [cSRO] problem with range
  101. [iSRO] Character don't loot properly in 1.29b
  102. [iSRO] hi doda plz help bro fast
  103. [iSRO] Connection to World Server !!!!! Bug makes me crazy ! help me DoaD
  104. [cSRO] Little Bug in Chat Window
  105. [iSRO] Imbue,detection and stucking problem
  106. [rSRO] v1.2 - Too far to next walkpoint. Teleport to town now...
  107. [iSRO] mBot 1.30 (iSro) bot do not pick up gold and items!
  108. [iSRO] mbot isro 1.30 dont show skills..
  109. [iSRO] Inviting party members
  110. [iSRO] Isro mbot 1.30 invite party members
  111. [iSRO] Bug with attack monster
  112. [iSRO] Mbot chat not working
  113. [iSRO] "Use Invi/Stealth detection" DONT WORK !!!
  114. [iSRO] isro bot 1.20b don`t pick up gold
  115. [iSRO] my wizzard/celric don't attack at all stand still
  116. [iSRO] mBot Stops at Pot Seller
  117. [iSRO] Clientess mode work ?
  118. [iSRO] isro mbot 1.30 bug
  119. [iSRO] Statue detection not working
  120. [iSRO] collect the gold bunny is too late :S
  121. [iSRO] Common Attacks
  122. [iSRO] Specialty Good Box
  123. [iSRO] PvP Bug
  124. [iSRO] ISRO Mbot 1.30C 2 Bugs
  125. [iSRO] mbot 1.30c chat bug
  126. [cSRO] mBot v1.59 missing
  127. [rSRO] Wrong sro_client -.-
  128. [iSRO] Mbot doesn't recognize JOB EQUIPMENT in inventory and bugs.
  129. [cSRO] Heuksal Delay...Flying Dragon Spear Series Bug..
  130. [cSRO] New version 1.77
  131. [iSRO] bug in v1.30c !!!!!
  132. [iSRO] pls doad help me
  133. [iSRO] bug in v1.30d and v1.30c
  134. [iSRO] Client closed Connection (0)
  135. [iSRO] Bug in mbot 1.30d never open the bot ? :S
  136. [iSRO] bug in v 1.30D
  137. [iSRO] bug in v 1.30D read administrador
  138. [rSRO] "killhorse" dont work
  139. [cSRO] CSRO: Pause attacking
  140. [iSRO] Trace Mob bug in v 1.30D
  141. [rSRO] bug in v 1.30E read administrador
  142. [iSRO] Bug 1.30e
  143. [cSRO] New version 1.6 often freeze
  144. [rSRO] Rouge
  145. [iSRO] New Job quest bug (1.30e)
  146. [iSRO] v1.30e repair and attack
  147. [iSRO] Job Quest Bug (1.30e)
  148. [iSRO] V1.30e BUG WARRIOR
  149. [iSRO] VER 1.30F trader anna job quest bug
  150. [cSRO] v1.60 Bug in alchemy
  151. [iSRO] Back Town when Equipment broken disabled?
  152. [iSRO] Cannot pick item because inventory is full
  153. [iSRO] inventory full error
  154. [iSRO] 1.31 bug
  155. [rSRO] Dont login
  156. [iSRO] 1.31b bot stuck on npc after give back quest!!!
  157. [iSRO] DC
  158. [iSRO] help me pls... my bot not kill
  159. [cSRO] Unkow error on server
  160. [rSRO] mbot 1.2
  161. [iSRO] DoaD pls check this bot version v1.31
  162. [iSRO] Help! :S
  163. [iSRO] Help Please..!!
  164. Bot problem
  165. [iSRO] When ı log-in the game its shut down in same time.
  166. [iSRO] Bot Attck Problem
  167. [iSRO] mbot donīt start
  168. [iSRO] Read doad
  169. [iSRO] Autologin problem
  170. [iSRO] DC when BOT
  171. [iSRO] Please Help!!!
  172. [rSRO] Item filter has no 11D items
  173. [rSRO] Bad status skill bug
  174. [iSRO] plz help me doad i got DC before the game is open
  175. [iSRO] need some assistant here
  176. [cSRO] Bot doesnt use Vigor
  177. [iSRO] Lure
  178. [rSRO] Program not responding
  179. [iSRO] Cant Relog after DC
  180. [iSRO] new v. 1.32b have bug !!!
  181. [iSRO] problem
  182. [cSRO] Mbot don't fight
  183. [iSRO] client closed connection (0)
  184. [rSRO] Alexandria "townrange"
  185. [iSRO] Gold Pickup Bug
  186. [iSRO] client mode
  187. [iSRO] mbot 1.132b download bug
  188. [iSRO] is at the mbot version 1.32b a virus?
  189. [iSRO] Can Anyone Help me with that!!! So weird
  190. [iSRO] A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond aft
  191. [iSRO] Mbot or Client problem! Help-me!
  192. [rSRO] RSRO 1.4 bug
  193. [cSRO] Not logged in error
  194. [iSRO] Its A Big Bugg in weapon switch plz see Doad
  195. [rSRO] Please update Mbot.
  196. [iSRO] bot not mount in job transport
  197. [rSRO] crash
  198. [rSRO] relog bug
  199. [rSRO] Mbot error in hotan!!!
  200. [iSRO] The new version of bot 1.33
  201. [iSRO] Potion Delay
  202. [tSRO] Error during shopping
  203. [iSRO] Mbot stop working in job thief npc
  204. [iSRO] read admin.. plis need solution
  205. [rSRO] "dont follow target out of range" not work for me
  206. [rSRO] why can not I log in to MBot!
  207. [iSRO] i cant login bot
  208. [iSRO] i have problem with isrobot 1.33
  209. [rSRO] Weapon changing bug
  210. [iSRO] My Warlock is not Attacking!!
  211. [iSRO] Connection problem.
  212. [iSRO] walk script problem
  213. [rSRO] Error
  214. [rSRO] Dont make relog When server full
  215. [iSRO] 1,33 hawe trojan
  216. [iSRO] Doad plzzz help here!!
  217. [iSRO] Auto ress problem
  218. [rSRO] manual loop and returnscroll problem
  219. [iSRO] [Warning] Regarding Weekly Server Inspection
  220. [rSRO] Party bug
  221. [rSRO] 1,6b party bug
  222. [rSRO] have BUG
  223. [rSRO] Don't see guild/union emblem
  224. [iSRO] [mBot 1.34] mBot Crash
  225. [rSRO] Mbot v 1.6b not invite the party!!!
  226. [rSRO] the account is already connected
  227. [iSRO] problems with v1.34
  228. [rSRO] 1.6b can not send PM to chars with '_' in the name
  229. [tSRO] Mbot crashing sro
  230. [rSRO] Mbot dosent start training after back to town when stuck during walkback
  231. [iSRO] Mbot Crashes when Sro Teleport to Town
  232. [iSRO] Client colosed connection
  233. [cSRO] automatic reloging - unreachable
  234. [iSRO] dc dc dc
  235. [iSRO] Connecting to worldserver... and stop training :S
  236. [cSRO] cant log in to mbot
  237. [tSRO] Pickup issue and crashes
  238. [iSRO] [Warning] Regarding mBot Virus
  239. [rSRO] Mu charter just stops
  240. [iSRO] Admin or Mod Plz Help me With this Error dont kno why it doin this
  241. [rSRO] Mbot crash, since 1.5
  242. [tSRO] mBot when try to open
  243. [rSRO] New Party Bug (by mBot)
  244. [tSRO] Cannot connect to login server
  245. [iSRO] isro 1.35 cant use hp mp potion and speed drug
  246. [iSRO] Mbot 1.35 isro dont take hp mp pots
  247. [rSRO] mBot v1.6b crashes when teleporting Hotan
  248. [rSRO] RSRO purification pills bug!!!
  249. [iSRO] Imbue bug v1.35
  250. [iSRO] Mbot 1.35 Dont recognizes JOB quest ended.