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Thread: Starting "G:\Silkroad\sro_client.exe /18 0 2"

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    Starting "G:\Silkroad\sro_client.exe /18 0 2"

    sometimes when I open mbot and press Start client It only start Silkroad guard then nothing happens !!

    [11:48:45] Successfully loaded walkscript
    [11:48:45] Saved settings
    [11:48:47] Starting "G:\Silkroad\sro_client.exe /18 0 2"

    I use 5 Clients ...and It's really anonying that I have to close them all and restart PC get all works again

    I found 1 Solution to this problem...
    I switched user and opened the bot from the other user and It worked fine

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    soo .........any Tip !!

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    Maybe this helps:

    Start SRO without mBot
    Close SRO
    Start SRO with mBot

    But maybe you just have a weak PC/Internet?

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    i just got same problem, if i wanna start sro with client it dont start, but if i start it with clientless it's working fine =/

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