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  1. [iSRO] why mbot have script? why dont have just start training?
  2. [rSRO] mBot v1.6b crashes when teleporting Hotan
  3. [iSRO] Hi every one Please Enter i want to Know Something
  4. [iSRO] Ukash problem
  5. [iSRO] VP Tool for Virus mbot
  6. [iSRO] question
  7. [rSRO] cant log in
  8. [iSRO] This payment cannot be completed and your account has not been charged. Please contac
  9. [iSRO] M bot dc problem pls help
  10. [cSRO] mbot attacks bad
  11. [iSRO] Mbot is calling spells to early
  12. [cSRO] Res scroll?
  13. [rSRO] how can i buy bot?
  14. [rSRO] little problem
  15. [iSRO] Problems with equipment broke V1.36
  16. [rSRO] Problem with language in bot!
  17. [rSRO] Problem with starting mBot - error accured
  18. [tSRO] Autolure + Howling shout?
  19. [iSRO] Job quest issue
  20. [iSRO] Problem start client
  21. [iSRO] I find no solution to my problem
  22. [iSRO] Error 2. account
  23. [rSRO] The bot doesn't change language
  24. [iSRO] Hi i need some info pls help me
  25. [iSRO] hi , what does it mean ? please help meee
  26. [cSRO] my char Stucked on spot and can't attack mobs ;/
  27. [iSRO] Hello all Please enter this is urgent i need some help! PLZ
  28. [tSRO] Cannot log in into the bot.
  29. [iSRO] mBot Attacking
  30. [iSRO] mbot
  31. [iSRO] auto walk script
  32. [cSRO] SPY tab
  33. [tSRO] Would tSro support clientless?
  34. [iSRO] Problem with Proxy
  35. [iSRO] What happen all servers offline? :(
  36. [cSRO] [cSRO] mBot 1.61b2 loginproxy failed
  37. [iSRO] sro_client.exe terminates itself after 3-4 seconds.
  38. [iSRO] About FGW Quests
  39. [rSRO] Got 2 problems!!
  40. [iSRO] revive wolf
  41. [iSRO] I need help in mBot
  42. [tSRO] can not connect to loginserver
  43. [rSRO] Linux Centos 5.5 + X Windows gui
  44. [cSRO] gui_page_area?
  45. [cSRO] Temple bot crashs
  46. [iSRO] 1 question need help plz!
  47. [iSRO] I need help Plz (Argentina)
  48. [iSRO] He remains blocked
  49. [rSRO] have problem mbot pls help me
  50. [tSRO] DoaD pls answer
  51. [rSRO] Whats wrong with my lurescript?
  52. [rSRO] bot is off version silkroad 1.27
  53. [iSRO] [Important Info]sro_client updated to 1.304
  54. [iSRO] PvP Mode
  55. [iSRO] ID and PW ofthe Bot Not Logged in
  56. [iSRO] Question..hope anyone will answer :))
  57. [iSRO] mBot Loops skills
  58. [iSRO] Bot Crashes / DC
  59. [iSRO] Hardwarelimit exeed or trust issue .... ???
  60. [iSRO] Bot just stands after finishing a quest.
  61. [iSRO] I need a SUGGESTION thnx.
  62. [tSRO] Bot does not work after todays update due to incorrect Silkroad Version
  63. [iSRO] Problem at Job Temple
  64. [iSRO] Hi all Moderators i want ur HELP NOW PLZ DOAD HELP
  65. [cSRO] Unknown error on server
  66. [iSRO] Getting DC during PVP.
  67. [iSRO] [ISRO]mbot login servers
  68. [iSRO] Autoquest
  69. [iSRO] Graphic
  70. [rSRO] Script command
  71. [iSRO] WalkScript problem
  72. [tSRO] File corrupted. This program has been manipulated and maybe it's infected by a Virus?
  73. [iSRO] i have problem with mbot log
  74. [iSRO] Buffing + Questscript problems
  75. [iSRO] why cant logginng
  76. [iSRO] Annoying error
  77. [iSRO] Little Question
  78. [iSRO] 1.37c2 No Abnormal State Recovery
  79. [cSRO] Luring and training range
  80. [iSRO] hi litle Question
  81. [iSRO] Really annoying problem
  82. [rSRO] About Elite Sro ..
  83. [iSRO] not logging in
  84. [tSRO] Tsro problem
  85. [tSRO] Question about lure
  86. [iSRO] job quest scripts..
  87. [iSRO] Creating LoginProxy failed Autofixing configuration, Please restart this application
  88. [rSRO] Account hardware ID lol.
  89. [iSRO] auto walking
  90. [iSRO] Start Bot After Res
  91. [cSRO] "Not logged in"
  92. [rSRO] problem
  93. [iSRO] mbot autowalk
  94. [tSRO] Client update - bot update
  95. [iSRO] just wait wait wait
  96. [iSRO] AutoQuest FAQ
  97. [iSRO] retrun to town with ride pet
  98. [iSRO] 1.38 Bug (AREA + Load Config)
  99. [iSRO] Envy
  100. [cSRO] Invisible/Stealth hack
  101. [iSRO] (C7) Login Error
  102. [iSRO] MonsterMgr critical error
  103. [iSRO] mBot_iSro.exe closing. Error report send/not send
  104. [iSRO] hi all i got this problem
  105. [rSRO] i have problem with party setings
  106. [rSRO] mBot does not go to the trainplace.
  107. [rSRO] Help move from version 1.7 to version 1.8
  108. [rSRO] Mbot translate language
  109. [iSRO] How to change password?
  110. [cSRO] Error When Try start mbot
  111. [iSRO] Problem With Cleric?
  112. [iSRO] the folder which i download is not complate
  113. [iSRO] Occasional stop in training.
  114. [rSRO] Problem with starting training
  115. [iSRO] DC every 5 Minutes
  116. [iSRO] Help Me please Auto Rebuff is Not working
  117. [iSRO] Buffing and Weapon Switch sequence
  118. [iSRO] mBot Start Error 9
  119. [cSRO] Questscript / Teleporter problem
  120. [iSRO] My bot dont login in botserver
  121. [cSRO] Mbot login problem
  122. [iSRO] Town Thread Problem
  123. [iSRO] help :SSS
  124. [iSRO] just a question to moderators
  125. [iSRO] Is there any way to create LURESCRIPT more efficiently_?
  126. [iSRO] Samarkand Walkscript does not work
  127. got some Question... WSA 0 at step 3 error
  128. [iSRO] Bard uses Gaurd Tambour but gets cancelled
  129. [iSRO] Item storage
  130. [rSRO] lut problem
  131. [rSRO] Start Client
  132. [iSRO] HardwareID limit exeeded WTFFFFFFF?????????
  133. [iSRO] how to choose a char to buff ???
  134. [iSRO] Problem with login
  135. [cSRO] help pelase error
  136. [iSRO] Getting stuck
  137. [iSRO] The world server could not be be logged into! Error code: 5.
  138. [iSRO] Log In problem
  139. [iSRO] mbot ress problem
  140. [iSRO] can u help me
  141. HY,i got a problem. please help me!
  142. [iSRO] bot wont attack a bugged horus
  143. [iSRO] error!! Help!
  144. [tSRO] Bot stops working while doing questscript in jobcave !
  145. [iSRO] unknown software exception" (0xc0000005)
  146. [rSRO] Rsro Mbot i have a little problemme
  147. [iSRO] Problem loging in w/ Socks proxy enabled
  148. [iSRO] PC crash and Log in not working....
  149. [cSRO] Cannot log in with mbot? Client crashes when trying to log in or right after logging
  150. [iSRO] Doad if you can take a look at this plz It's killin my PC
  151. [iSRO] which port does mbot use once started up
  152. [rSRO] I can't login - I AM MAD
  153. [iSRO] need help
  154. [iSRO] after patching...
  155. [rSRO] Doad Read this plz
  156. [cSRO] Small update
  157. [rSRO] LOgin ERROR
  158. [iSRO] hii all i need help plzz
  159. [iSRO] main weapon not switching back
  160. [iSRO] Fatal error
  161. [iSRO] too much cpu usage...
  162. [iSRO] server list
  163. [iSRO] Huge problem plzzzzzz help plzzzzzzz
  164. [iSRO] [Autoquest] About Script in thief temple
  165. [iSRO] MSVCP100 no Found
  166. [rSRO] Proxies Help
  167. [iSRO] Proxy problems!
  168. [iSRO] what this message mean????
  169. [iSRO] where's the new version of isro mBot
  170. [cSRO] Mbot won't work
  171. [rSRO] mbot job cave problem
  172. [cSRO] Mbot interface problem
  173. [iSRO] DC-problem / Any other fixing?
  174. [rSRO] after recent update dosent work to logon with client (clientless works)
  175. [iSRO] Creating LoginProxy failed Autofixing configuration, Please restart this application
  176. [iSRO] one mbot acc two pc same house
  177. [iSRO] pls help !!!
  178. [iSRO] Quest Script Commands
  179. [iSRO] mbot wont start..
  180. [iSRO] mbot chat commands
  181. [iSRO] ressing issue
  182. [iSRO] Select character problem!
  183. [iSRO] Argos server number for Auto Login
  184. [cSRO] mbot not picking quests
  185. [iSRO] need help pls about set possition
  186. [rSRO] Have an error with dll files.
  187. [iSRO] any one can Help pls !!
  188. [rSRO] Have an error with dll files. (once again)
  189. [iSRO] mBot doesnt auto log in :S
  190. [iSRO] need a little directing
  191. [rSRO] [Need] Party Leader Tool
  192. [iSRO] Just some questions about party settings
  193. [cSRO] CPU Usage while idle
  194. [iSRO] My mBot keeps closing itself - so i remain DC till i get home
  195. [rSRO] Taunting target
  196. [rSRO] mbot no working!!!!
  197. [rSRO] Creating LoginProxy failed. Autofixing configuration.Please restart application
  198. [iSRO] ı have mbot but not login plsss helppppp
  199. [iSRO] version eror
  200. [rSRO] Creating LoginProxy failed. Autofixing configuration.Please restart application
  201. mCondicionals (Need Help)
  202. [iSRO] is it me or this is kinda a freak problem
  203. [rSRO] rSRObot - I cant relog in
  204. [cSRO] Job quest
  205. [iSRO] Wtf need help lol
  206. [iSRO] bot is not working well in jupiter
  207. [iSRO] why i have this problem ?
  208. [cSRO] Job Quest
  209. [iSRO] pls any one help me !!!
  210. [iSRO] I need help with something..
  211. [iSRO] Little Problem
  212. [privateSRO] [vSRO110] mBot v1.0 Beta 2 - Change in versions
  213. [iSRO] Error 222 pls help
  214. [privateSRO] [vSRO110] mBot v1.0 Beta 7 Mbot has stopped working
  215. [privateSRO] mbot on eroad
  216. [privateSRO] Vsro Mbot won't attack.
  217. [privateSRO] i cant login (mbot vsro bot)
  218. [privateSRO] Vsro IP
  219. [privateSRO] Bot "0"
  220. [privateSRO] all skills displayed as 0
  221. [privateSRO] help!
  222. [privateSRO] Canīt start the MBot
  223. [privateSRO] Problems with Vserver IP (Lynx)
  224. [privateSRO] M-bot private sro can start with Eroad ?
  225. [privateSRO] Disconnecting after 10 minutes (BloodySRO)
  226. [privateSRO] Help Pls lynx error sroclient
  227. [privateSRO] mbot vsro 1 beta 10 bug
  228. does pet move items into inventory?
  229. [privateSRO] Character information won't show
  230. [privateSRO] the bot does not recognize the charin private serve
  231. [iSRO] Rapid dc
  232. [privateSRO] Need Help In Bloody Rose
  233. [privateSRO] DoaD read this if u can, please.
  234. [privateSRO] Every 2 or 3 Minutes DC ? why ?
  235. [privateSRO] Bug
  236. [privateSRO] how to make auto enter image when take DC and relogin ?
  237. [privateSRO] Problem when select Silkroad Folder!
  238. [privateSRO] mBot error.
  239. [privateSRO] Mbot Enter imagecode.
  240. [privateSRO] Every 2 or 3 Minutes (Client closed connection (0) ) Why ?????
  241. [privateSRO] how to make ress to any one die in party and atack ?
  242. [iSRO] new update
  243. [privateSRO] Not Logged in
  244. [privateSRO] [Diamond SRO] Problem with Mbot
  245. [privateSRO] Mbot not login!
  247. [cSRO] skill remain in english when bot change to chinese language
  248. [privateSRO] Auto Image code is working ?
  249. [privateSRO] Bug, not login!
  250. [privateSRO] Problem with mbot